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How to Train Every Adult to Make Life-and-Death Decisions
in Those Crucial First 30 Seconds with Campus Safety HQ
Pay Just $1 to Get Unlimited Access for 7 Days
Discover the Best Way to Respond in an Instant 
to any Emergency Situation
When a crisis happens, the first 30 seconds are absolutely critical when lives are on the line. Would you know what to do? What about your administrators, teachers, front office staff, custodians, food service personnel and school bus drivers? Have you assessed, measured and validated your school’s ability to respond?  You'll find the tools to help you answer those questions in Campus Safety HQ.  

Campus Safety HQ is a specially designed resource center with up-to-date training and information to help you face the many challenges involved in keeping your campus and occupants safe.  Here's a sneak peak at what you'll find in Campus Safety HQ.
Improve Your Ability to Provide
On-Campus Training for Your Staff
The First 30 Seconds is a series of realistic, school-specific crisis scenarios, facilitator videos, staff training videos and assessment tools that use the powerful technique of mentally working through crisis situations. This helps staff develop and draw from their base of knowledge to quickly respond when an actual emergency occurs.
  • Ensure all campus staff view safety SERIOUSLY
  • Add REALISM to training for school personnel
  • Strengthen yourself as THE security expert on your team
Access Active Shooter Training Sessions
for You and Your Team
The Active Shooter Online Course will teach you how to quickly identify that an active shooter situation is happening.  This will enable you and your team to respond quickly to the threat, saving lives by taking fast and decisive action in the presence of a life-threatening situation. Every second counts, and communicating quickly and clearly will result in saved lives.
  • Recognize the signs of potential violence
  • Learn what tactics to use when taking action to RUN, HIDE and FIGHT the Threat
  • Use these measures to lessen the effects of trauma for participant
Reduce Security Risk and Improve Response Time Without Expensive Training 
Created by the Campus Safety Conference team, you can now gain instant access to proven Prepare – Protect – Prevent Intensives from security professionals specializing in K-12, University and College safety issues.  Including 15+ sessions detailing strategies and tactics to reduce risk and improve response.
  • Prepare and plan for emergency situations
  • Protect your students and faculty
  • Prevent a crisis on your campus
Strengthen Your Own Leadership 
Your membership to Campus Safety HQ includes FREE access to Leadership training from Leadercast Now.  This includes powerful videos offering insight and solutions from real leaders who share their stories. It's like having your own team of amazing leadership mentors.  
  • Access this exclusive leadership content 24/7
  • Find leadership solutions you can use
  • Use the videos as a springboard to meaningful discussions
  • And So Much More...
We created Campus Safety HQ to serve public safety officials, security directors, emergency managers, administrators and consultants. We want to provide you with one central location you can turn to for training BEFORE a crisis occurs.

Campus Safety HQ's online library of training videos and resources will help you educate and develop ALL campus safety stakeholders, strengthen yourself as THE security expert on your team and demonstrate how SAFETY is EVERYONE’s responsibility.  Join today for just $1.
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