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Campus Safety Experts Share 
Their Techniques And Tactics To Help You
Make Your Campus Safer
October 2-3, 2018
Register now for 2 days of online presentations by leading campus safety experts.
Get action steps and the latest ideas, trends and processes you can use to improve the safety of your campus.
Discover what's working now from a hand-picked lineup of campus emergency management, security and law enforcement experts and world-class speakers. 
We're putting together a great lineup of topics and speakers to help you keep your campus safer. Come back soon!
HOW DO WE KNOW OUR EXPERTISE WILL DELIVER RESULTS? The techniques our experts teach have been tested and used at real-world campuses with proven results.
What You’ll Learn 
  •  Strategies and tactics to reduce risk and improve response
  •  First-hand best practices and procedures for emergency response
  •  How to prepare and plan for emergency situations, protect your community and prevent a crisis on your campus
  •  Ways to obtain critical buy-in from your key stakeholders so they take safety seriously
Why Should You Attend This Online Summit?  
LEARN FROM EXPERT PRESENTATIONS given by real-world, experienced campus safety experts addressing today’s most critical K12, Higher Education, Hospital and Corporate campuses safety and security challenges. 
GET ACCESS TO TRAINING to give your team the skills they need to effectively respond to campus emergencies.
ADD REALISM to training for school and university personnel.
SHARPEN YOUR SKILLS and improve your departments' incident and response programs. And upgrade your school, university, college, hospital or corporate protection profile.
IMPROVE YOUR ABILITY to provide on-campus training to your staff.
You’ll learn from world class experts, all from the convenience of your office or anywhere else. All you need is a computer or a smartphone and an internet connection.
Event Sponsors
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Campus Safety Experts Share Their Techniques and Tactics to Help You Make Your Campus Safer
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