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Campus Safety Educational Webcast Series Presents....
Crisis in the Classroom
This webcast is designed to provide you with an understanding of the dynamics involved when interacting with a person in crisis. Using many of the techniques associated with hostage crisis negotiating, this program provides practical skills that can be used to recognize a crisis situation as it develops and then de-escalate a dangerous situation.
Recorded Live on Thursday, February 22

Moderated by: 
Zach Winn
Sr. Web Editor, 
Campus Safety Magazine

Guest Speaker:
Joseph Pangaro,
Owner of Pangaro Training and Management

Joseph Pangaro
By the end of this webcast, attendees will:
  •  Be able to differentiate between a person having a bad day and a person in crisis 
  •  Learn to recognize the signs of a person in crisis and how to talk to them 
  •  Understand the meaning of, and potential danger found in a “Kill List” 
  •  Know how to bring the situation to a successful ending using the “Behavioral Change Stairway” 
  •  Learn how to end a potentially dangerous situation

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