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Will your staff respond effectively to a school lockdown?
School Lockdown Tips
There is no “one size fits all” lockdown protocol that will work properly in every school because procedures must reflect differences in school design and local law enforcement response capabilities.

This free report will help to ensure your lockdowns are implemented quickly.
Download this FREE report for 9 tips for more effective school lockdowns
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How to Purchase the Perfect Campus Safety Technology for Your Organization at the Best Price
  • How to write a campus safety technology RFP, choose campus safety technology partners, and implement campus safety technology
  • Page 2: Breaking down the wide range of technology associated with campus safety
  • Page 3: The tools and systems you need to install and implement to save lives, AND stand up to the scrutiny of the investigation that follows every campus safety incident. The perception of your campus as "safe" is a large factor in whether or not people want to be a part of your campus.
  • Page 4: Seven key questions to ask when you sit down to write your campus safety technology RFP
  • And So Much More...
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