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Training for You & Your Team — Including Active Shooter, Social Media Use and Threat Assessment Tools 
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Here’s the real problem you face sooner or later . . . 

• There are so many threats in today’s world, do you really KNOW that your campus is as safe as it could be? 
• You need to do more, but it feels IMPOSSIBLE to get it all done
• It’s really tough to stay UP TO DATE on all the reporting requirements 
• Working to keep school administrators, faculty, parents, students and the community all in sync is TOUGH

Let’s face it. Keeping your campus safe requires constant improvement, monitoring and education. And finding time to get it all done can seem almost impossible. 

But not anymore. 

Created by the Campus Safety Conference team, you can now gain instant access to proven Prepare – Protect – Prevent Intensives from security professionals specializing in K-12, University and College safety issues.  
Through our years of experience and from relationships with experts, we’re able to offer you this proven information, delivered by absolute professionals …. all in one easy-to-use video format.
Say Yes to Get Instant Access to 15+ Sessions detailing strategies and tactics to reduce risk and improve response, including:

  •   Stalking, Dating Violence and Sexual Assault
  •    Crime Prevention through Environmental Design
  •    Active Shooter Training
  •    National and State Standards for Campus Safety & Security Officers
  •    Targeting Harmful & Underage Drinking
  •    Utilizing Social Media for Event Safety
  •  Beyond Compliance: More Than an Emergency Operations Plan 
  •   Critical Decision Making During Significant Safety Threats  
  •   Innovative Programs to Deal with Incidents, Crisis and Emergency Disasters
  •   Threat Assessments: Developing Teams to Plan, Prevent and Protect
Plus a special BONUS: Police Chiefs' and K-12 Safety Panels 
Hear experienced Police Chiefs and K-12 experts discuss real-world
incidents and how they were handled or prepared for. Topics include:

  •    Community Outreach
  •    Clery Audits
  •    Getting Administrator Buy-In
  •  Militarization of Police
  •  Mobile Communication Apps
  •  International Students on Campus
You'll walk away ready to PREPARE and PLAN for emergency situations, PROTECT your students and faculty, and PREVENT a crisis on your campus.
These are just a few of the top safety and security experts you'll hear from...
Jennifer Landhuis
Stalking Resource Center of the National Center for Victims of Crime
Gary Sigrist
CEO and President
Safeguard Risk Solutions, LLC.
Daniel Linskey
Managing Director - Investigations & Disputes
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we provide a 30-day money back guarantee.​​ But, we're convinced, you'll walk away ready to 
PREPARE and PLAN for emergency situations.  
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