How Safe is Your School? 
Steps to Protect Against Active Shooter Incidents
Join us for a FREE 1- Hour Campus Safety webcast, as we introduce SAVI™ and learn to calculate security strengths & vulnerabilities and identify the best, next-steps to take to protect against active shooter incidents.

Moderated by: 
Robin Hattersley,
Executive Editor, 
Campus Safety Magazine

Guest Speaker: 
Byron Thurmond, 
VP of School & Campus Safety, 

Originally recorded live on July 27th

Live Online Event

Join us as we discuss the importance of school & campus security and protecting against active shooter incidents while covering the following:

  • Introduction to the School Access-Control Vulnerability Index™ (S.A.V.I.), a brand agnostic audit and certification process to quantify protections against an active shooter gaining access 
  • How a SAVI audit is executed, who should conduct it, with whom, why and how it supplies education officials with objective, unbiased & cost-effective guidance
  • Customizing an improved security plan: Key considerations and actions for deploying an effective school security assessment and all parties involved.

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