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These 3 Key Factors Help Ensure Hospital Safety
In this webinar, we will discuss the responsibility every facility has to ensure a hazardous free work environment for all employees and staff while learning of specific and insightful ideas on how to do that. 

Moderated by: 
Zach Winn
Senior Web Editor, 
Campus Safety Magazine

September 7th @ 2:00PM EST

Guest Speaker:
Paul Baratta,
Healthcare Business Development Manager, 
Axis Communications 

Guest Speaker:
Joseph Summanen, 
Technical Architect, 
Nemours Children’s Health System

Live Online Event
During this webcast you'll hear first-hand experiences and successes of Nemours Children’s Health System, a nonprofit pediatric health system dedicated to life-changing medical care and research.

Learn about a multi-tiered approach to successful safety and security in the healthcare setting:

  • People: the importance of violence prevention plans, training, and proactive preparation of all staff
  • Processes: the vital role systems, techniques, and protocols play in reducing, responding to, and reporting violent behavior
  • Technology: an overview of modern technologies and security solutions most effective in a healthcare setting

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