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Personal Safety & Security Response Strategies to Help Protect Your Home Healthcare Employees & Contractors
An informative discussion on Personal Safety & Security Response Strategies to Help Protect Your Healthcare Employees & Contractors
Recorded Live on Tuesday, December 12th @ 2pm EST

Moderated by: 
Zach Winn
Senior Web Editor, 
Campus Safety Magazine

Guest Speaker:
Morten Petersen, Business Development Manager, 
STANLEY Security  

Guest Speaker: 
Sean Moore, 
Market Development Manager, 
STANLEY Security

Live Online Event
The Home Healthcare market is expected to reach $349.8 Billion by 2020, a 35% increase since 2015. Major factors driving this growth include: rising aging population, increasing incidences of chronic diseases, growing demand for affordable healthcare delivery systems due to the ever-increasing of healthcare costs, and government initiatives and programs being implemented to promote home healthcare.

At the end of the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Learn to identify and assess workplace violence risk factors and hazards and the impact they can have on field and home healthcare and social service workers
  • Identify the variations that exist in different remote and lone worker settings, and key considerations for each 
  • Discover the latest and most effective ways to reduce the risk of violence in these workplaces 
  • Steps to develop a process for a personal safety program for your medical organization and employees

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