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Campus Safety Presents....
Caring for School First Responders - Learn How to Cope AFTER School Violence
Schools are typically peaceful places, however emergencies can happen. School employees in these emergencies now become responders, and in the aftermath they can be impacted physically and mentally, just like any other traditional responder. These responses can also impact the employees’ family life in dramatic ways. Guy, Debbie, William and Dara will share some of their experiences in responding to school emergencies and what happened in the aftermath to them and their families. 
Recorded Live On Thursday, March 22nd

Moderated by: 
Amy Rock
Web Editor, 
Campus Safety Magazine


Guest Speaker:
Guy Grace,
Director of Security and Emergency Planning,
Littleton Public Schools

Joseph Pangaro

Guest Speaker: 
Deborah Grace
School Psychologist


Guest Speaker:
William Cornforth,
District Security Officer,
Littleton Public Schools

Joseph Pangaro

Guest Speaker: 
Dara Van Kampen
Security Training Facilitator/Office Manager, 
Littleton Public Schools

By the end of this webcast, you'll learn that:
  •  School employees in school based emergencies will be the first responders. Just like other first responders, they can be impacted in many ways by the response to the emergencies.
  •  Processes can be put in place to help the school employee in the aftermath of an event. The speakers will share what was harmful and helpful to them.
  •   In the aftermath of a tragic event employees could find themselves and reputation in turmoil. The speakers will share their experiences and how they manage turmoil.

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