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Campus Safety Webcast
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Campus Safety Presents....
Improving Campus Resiliency
Best Practices in Critical Event Management for Higher Education
On college campuses critical events occur daily. Whether the critical events are relatively common, like a system failure or crime, or they are more unusual and complex, like protests, severe weather, or an outbreak, one thing is certain: the more systems incorporated into the response, the more disjointed that response will be. 
Recorded on Tuesday, March 27th

Moderated by: 
Zach Winn
Sr. Web Editor, 
Campus Safety Magazine

Guest Speaker:
Lisa Durel,
Director of Higher Education,

Joseph Pangaro
By the end of this webcast, attendees will:
  •  Improve assessment of threats to your people, assets and operations
  •  Accelerate and manage operational response and communication to stakeholders
  •  Protect assets and minimize disruptions

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