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Campus Safety Webcast
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Integrating Disparate Systems
Exploring the Benefits of Integrating your 
Security System with your Student Information System
Join us as Dr. Ken Russell (VP, Digital Transformation and CIO from Pfieffer University) discusses how Pfieffer University integrates their security system and SIS resulting in greater staff efficiency, the ability to automatically assign access privileges across multiple campuses, and a unified student ID that not only opens doors, but makes purchases in dining locations. 
Also hear from Adam Groom (Senior Director, Global Accounts & Business Development at S2 Security Corporation) as he reviews current campus security technology trends and how to best use security system data to maximize security staff effectiveness, plan for campus security needs, and gain a more comprehensive view of security efforts.
Recorded Live on Thursday, March 29th

Moderated by: 
Zach Winn
Sr. Web Editor, 
Campus Safety Magazine


Dr. Kenneth E. Russell
VP, Digital Transformation and CIO
Pfeiffer University


Adam Groom
Senior Director, Global Accounts & Business Development
S2 Security Corporation

By the end of this webcast, attendees will:
  •  Know how to use data from integrated systems to maximize effectiveness of campus security staff and resources
  •  Understand the benefits of integrating security systems with student information systems
  •  Know what key metrics to track to understand how well campus security is handling their environment

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