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Severe Weather Protection – 3 Pillars of an 
Effective Weather Safety Policy
Learn about severe weather challenges and developing a policy to protect your school.
The summer months are in full swing and with the new season comes some very familiar severe weather challenges for schools across the country. The fact is that severe weather events like storms, lightning, high winds, and heat remain a significant factor that threaten student safety on and off campus. For example, in 2017, Earth Networks detected a total of 106,348,251 cloud-to-ground and in-cloud lightning strikes in the U.S. Each one of those strikes represented a threat to anyone outdoors, including students and school employees alike.
So how do you overcome this challenge? Effective emergency management starts with the right policy and technology. Join Meteorologist, Steve Prinzivalli to explore different types of severe weather, the 3 key pillars of a weather safety policy, and the technology you need to support it.
Recorded Live on Thursday, July 19

Moderated by: 
Amy Rock
Web Editor, 
Campus Safety Magazine

Steve Prinzivalli,
Program Manager & Meteorologist
Earth Networks

By the end of this webcast, attendees will:
 Learn about the science behind severe weather events
 Find out how to develop and effective weather safety policy
 Explore weather safety technologies and the key features you need

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