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Campus Safety Webcast
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Warm and Welcoming vs. Safe and Secure: 
How Intelligent Patient Visitor Management Creates a Memorable 
Patient Experience without Sacrificing Security 
As competition between healthcare organizations grows there is an increased focus by administrators on the role patient satisfaction has on patient acquisition and retention goals. To meet these goals healthcare organizations have focused on efforts to create a welcoming environment that ensures patients and visitors have a satisfying experience reflecting high customer service standards.

Today the challenge for healthcare security departments is how to balance these two competing efforts to meet acquisition and retention goals – creating a memorable patient/visitor experience while maintaining the safety and privacy of patient and visitors. Furthermore, how do they do this while ensuring compliance with government and industry regulations such as HIPAA and Joint Commission standards?

Join HID Global’s healthcare experts to discuss why intelligent patient visitor management is the solution to finding the balance between customer experience and security and safety.

Recorded Live on Thursday, July 26, 2018 

Moderated by: 
Zach Winn
Sr. Web Editor, 
Campus Safety Magazine

Janette Andler,
Senior Director, Strategic Sales - Healthcare
HID Global

This webinar will discuss:
  •  Learn how to balance security and customer satisfaction when managing visitors in an open environment or medical campus
  •  How the right solution can drive operational effectiveness, patient safety, and hospital distinction
  •  How physical identity auditability facilitates conformance with HIPAA, The Joint Commission, OHSA, and CMS
  •  Review real-world scenarios where intelligent visitor management is critical to the success of organizational goals

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