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Campus Safety Webcast
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What’s Your Role During an 
Active Shooter or Hostile Event?
Understanding NFPA 3000™ (PS) 
Standard for Active Shooter / Hostile Event Response Program
Developed by law enforcement, fire, EMS, facility security, hospitals, universities, private business, and federal agencies, NFPA 3000 provides guidance on the comprehensive plans, policies, and procedures that should be established before, during and after the unthinkable happens. 

NFPA Emergency Services Specialist John Montes, staff liaison to the technical committees for EMS, Fire Service Occupational Safety and Health, Hazardous Materials Response, and Cross Functional Emergency Preparedness and Response, explains why everyone has a role to play in keeping people and properties safer from harm.
Recorded Live on September 13, 2018

Moderated by: 
Zach Winn
Sr. Web Editor, 
Campus Safety Magazine

Guest Speaker:
John Montes,
NFPA Emergency Services Specialist

Join John for this webinar, and learn about:
  •  The scope, parameters and practitioners that contributed to NFPA 3000
  •  The standard’s 20 chapters designed to help you reduce risk 
  •  Ways to organize, manage, communicate, and sustain your ASHER program 
  •  Resources and tools available to you 

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