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Campus Safety Webcast
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Campus Safety Presents....
Emergency Communications: 
 Hearing Your Message Loud and Clear
Recorded live on September 27, 2018
In an emergency, it’s critical to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. Equally important, however, is reaching your audience to get your alert noticed and acted upon, which can often be challenging in the modern age of information overload.  
Learn best practices on effectively communicating to your campus in an emergency. 

Moderated by: 
Katie Malafronte

Campus Safety

Joe Thalheimer

Warning & Communications Coordinator, Department of Security and Emergency Management, UCF

Marla Moran Reynoso

Commercialization & Product Marketing Manager,
Register for this live webcast to learn from University of Central Florida’s Warn and Communications Coordinator and Eaton’s Product Marketing Manager who will cover the following topics:
  •  Emergency communications and types of technologies 
  •  Clear and concise messaging  
  •  Communicating in an environment of information overload 
  •  Intelligibility & speaker placement best practices 
  •  Evaluating effective system integration & design 
  •  Mass notification best practices

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