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Campus Safety Webcast
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Campus Safety Presents....
Beyond Messaging: Integrating Systems for a Safer Campus
Recorded live on March 14, 2019
Most if not all universities are using some form of emergency notification system to keep their campuses safe. But did you know that sending mass alerts to your students and faculty is just scratching the surface of what your ENS is capable of? By creatively integrating systems you can both improve campus safety and increase your return on investment.
Guest Speakers

Gus Porter, MPH
High Point University

Environmental Health, Safety & Preparedness Manager 

Jerusha Kasch ,
Rice University

Director of Crisis Management

Kevin McNulty ,

Director of Product Marketing
Now available on-demand! Hear from our friends at Rice University and High Point University as they discuss the innovative ways they are using their notification systems to keep students and staff safe. 

Topics covered include:
  •  Integrations with outdoor sirens and signage systems
  •  Desktop takeover
  •  Advanced fire detection alerting 
  •  Building intercom control
  •  And much more…

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