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Campus Safety Webcast
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Campus Safety Presents....
Ace Your Campus Safety Final
Recorded live May 9, 2019
The open campus can be a threat-heavy environment, with both man-made and weather-related incidents threatening students and staff. For leaders and decision-makers to best prepare the open campus for the current threat landscape it is essential to blend security practices and technologies in these complex environments.

Find out if you are up to the challenge by attending Ace Your Campus Safety Final. This interactive free webinar, presented by Everbridge's Kevin McNulty, will challenge you with some of the difficult scenarios facing today’s higher education institutions, while also providing strategic recommendations for these challenges.

Katie Malafronte,
Campus Safety Magazine

Web editor/ Webcast moderator

Kevin McNulty ,

Director of Product Marketing
Attend Ace Your Campus Safety Final to ensure your incident response strategies make the grade!

We will take a look at:
• Threat identification and location
• Message targeting
• Disseminating instructions
• Protecting visitors

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